02 August 2012

OK-Upgrade Huawei C8800 Version 2.x.x to 2.3.6

Upgrade Huawei C8800 Version 2.x.x to 2.3.6

  download files
1.    ဒီမွာ         ေဒါင္းပါ။
2.    ဒီမွာ         ေနာက္တခုေနာ္။ ၂ဖိုင္လံုးေနာ္။။။
rename No.1 download file to update.zip and copy to your sd card 
usb debugging mode on your phone and power off. (setting/application/development/)
 Now go to No2. download file and run  recovery4.0.1.5_c8800_v5.exe (if shown any eror copy to desktop and run at desktop)
hold vol down + power button, press any key pc keyboard for recovery.bat auto work. And a few minute later recovery done! 
Recovery mode is auto open, if not vol up + power key
and then chose-apply update from sdcard >> -Yes >> – Insatll /sdcard/update.zip
Your phone will reboot automatically and stop at Huawei logo(may be reboot again and again about 30 munits)
Than U can get 2.3.6 when u select left button.

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